Sunday, December 14, 2008

I made Star Wars 100x better!


Digital Tools assignment I didn't take extremely seriously. XD
The requirements were filled and I had a laugh. All is well!

Watch it for laughs guys...and let's never speak of it again. lol
I think adding the sound effects was the most fun!


Bigmac said...

LOL Caroline that is so funny! Yours is ridiculously good too compared to my rushed/half-assed one.

Domee said...

Lmao wtf XDD

Sylvie Xiao You said...

Oh,Caroline,yes,I know you in person but I am kind of not sure about your name,I remmembered it start with C.Now I'll never forgot it.I'll see you on Campus and expect more of your wonderful drawings:)

Anonymous said...

Just commenting to remind you how much you win at life! <3

KAT said...

was by any chance daniel doing the scream?

Hiroko said...

lol I'm so confused. XDD